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True Nature Qi Gong Fitzroy Brunswick Melbourne

True Nature Qi Gong is an embodiment practice that incorporates breath, intentional movement, and stillness meditation.

It was developed by Peter Loupelis after 16 years of learning and practicing a variety of forms with a number of highly-accomplished Daoist practitioners.

In the Daoist Medicine tradition, the ideas of health preservation and longevity are fused with the metaphysical ideas around nature, and the micro/macro-cosmic interrelationships between humans and their environment.

In this tradition, there are both internal and external traditions. Internal Qi Gong attends to developing one’s true nature and energies for high-performance consciousness. External Qi Gong is the practice of merely developing the physical body.

In the Quan Zhen Dao school of alchemy, it was understood that internal development led to physical development, and vice versa, thus creating a holistic, embodied exercise therapy.

True Nature Qi Gong is incredibly useful for anyone to help manage stress, emotional imbalance, cognitive impairment, sexual performance issues, and many other general health complaints.

It’s also fun, easy to learn, and incredibly effective at embodying the changes you want to make in your life.


  • You want to improve your energy
  • You just cannot get into yoga or pilates, no matter how much you try and want to.
  • You are suffering or recovering from chronic illness
  • You are curious to learn more about Qi Gong or Tai Ji
  • You are interested in Daoist philosophy and Alchemy
  • You are interested in Chinese Medicine
  • You are a client of Peter Loupelis
  • You want to live an extraordinary life
  • You are seeking an activity which can improve your health, vitality, and spirit

You can read more about Qi Gong here….


The 5 Elements Sequence (Beginners)

A basic introduction to the theories and basic techniques of True Nature Qi Gong. Covers the basics of the 5-Phase theory and the teachings of the 5 Aspects of Spirit

This must be completed first before the other two courses can be attempted.

The Restorative (Yin) Sequence

True Nature Qi Gong Restorative Fitzroy Brunswick Melbourne This sequence is designed to cultivate and nourish the yin qualities of softness, patience, stillness, and rest. It focuses on cultivating Qi (energy) in the body, and is ideal for those who are chronically ill and recovering from sickness.

It includes self-healing techniques and medical practices. This is a pre-requisite for the upcoming Daoist Qi Gong Healing Practitioner course.

The Tantric (Yang) Sequence

True Nature Tantric Qi Gong Fitzroy Brunswick Melbourne This sequence is designed for more powerful, dynamic regulation and sublimation of energy (including Dragon/Kundalini energy). This is the sequence used to accompany Jing-retention and sexuality practices.

It is recommended for advanced practitioners, as covers advanced Alchemical (Nei Gong) practices and theories.

Bring vitality, energy, & clarity into your life

True Nature Qi Gong classes Fitzroy Brunswick MelbourneEvery week Peter will guide participants through stretches, movements, breath-work, meditations and Daoist teachings.

Further more, you will learn the intricacies of all techniques and the theories behind them, as well as continuing your learning between classes with further exercises.

Also, each course also has a manual and workbook to accompany and provide you with the resources to immerse yourself into this transformational practice.

For Chinese Medicine practitioners – this course is approved by AACMA & ATMS for CPE – 2 points per class (total 12 points).

Come and learn the practices that will enhance your acupuncture practice!

Tickets available now

  • EARLY-BIRD (limited, ends August 1)) $240
  • Full-price $290

Term Dates

TERM 1- 5 Elements Sequence (Basic)

Tuesdays February 7 – March 14, 6:30-8:30pm – SOLD OUT!!

TERM 2 – 5 Elements Sequence (Basic)

Thursdays April 20 – May 25, 6:30-8:30pm – SOLD OUT!!

Term 3 – Yin/Restorative Sequence

Mondays May 29 – July 3, 7-9:30pm SOLD OUT!!


Mondays August 14 – September 18, 7-9pm


Term 5 – TBA

Mondays October 9 – November 13, 7-9pm – TBA

Also, further courses may become available dependent on class numbers



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