Qigong of Personal Perfection

TRUE NATURE QI GONG presents a special one-off workshop on the ancient Taoist method of Perfecting Being.


If you ever feel:

  • not-quite-right even though you’re doing what’s meant to be good for you
  • emotionally all over the place
  • depressed, anxious, and over it
  • tired all the time
  • unmotivated and uninspired
  • overwhelmed by adulting

Then the practices and exercises you will learn at this workshop will help you:

  • become more at ease with yourself
  • harmonise and master your emotional states
  • develop psychological and emotional resilience
  • increase your energy levels
  • find your personal inspiration
  • discover your true nature

Confucius was the first person to articulate the 5 Heavenly Virtues that when cultivated lead to one becoming a ‘Perfecting Being.’

The later Taoists took this idea further and incorporated it into their Internal Alchemy and Qigong practices, developing techniques that integrated physical, energetic, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual faculties.

This workshop will introduce the True Nature Doctrine of Perfecting Being alongside traditional Taoist yin-yang and 5 Elements theory, and teach you embodiment practices to become your own Perfecting Being in real, tangible, daily life.

…Even when you have to adult…



Time: 10am — 4pm

Where: Pulse, 1 Pitt St, Brunswick (near corner of Lygon St/Glenlyon Rd)

Cost: $88

BOOKINGS NOW LIMITED SPOTS https://www.trybooking.com/SWGF


Please contact Peter directly on 0403782436

or via Messenger http://m.me/peterloupeliswellness



This workshop is ideal for beginners, novices, and experienced practitioners alike.

It will be conducted with an appropriate mix of lecture, conversation, experiential exercises, and practical application of the techniques.

The Qigong techniques taught will be from the True Nature form which Peter developed himself after 15 years of self-practice. It is based on his proficiency with a number of Taoist and Medical Qigong forms and Tantric Pranayamayoga.

There will also be a number of exercises to help anchor the learnings into your embodied self.

We will cover:

  • The basics of Taoist philosophy and cosmology
  • Confucius ideas on the 5 Heavenly Virtues and how to apply them in your life
  • Taoist Internal Alchemy (Nei Gong) theories and practices
  • Embodied Neurology
  • Anchoring
  • Mastering altered and emotional states
  • Channels of Perception

BOOKINGS NOW LIMITED SPOTS https://www.trybooking.com/SWGF